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egosin my casinoLike most other things in life, people like different stuff. And, the same goes for online casinos. Egosino.com is a site that aims to be a personal comparison solution of different casinos and their welcome offers. To be able to manage this, our listings are developed to sort and filter casinos in exactly the ways you want. YOU are the one gambling, therefore YOU should be the one picking out your favourite casino – Easy as that!

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Casino Games – A personal experience

egosino compare uk casinosThere are many different types of both casinos as well as casino games. Some players are only interested in slots, while some prefer table games of different kinds. Our personal favourite might be the progressive jackpot games, with the possibility to win really big. For the last couple of years, live casino has developed and grown a lot. Today, almost every online casino offer at least a couple of live casino games.

Even though it differs a lot what type of game is ones favourite, the possibility to win is better in some games than others, which this article digs deeper into. So, if you just want to play casino to make money, you should focus on some specific games. However, there is no guarantee of winning, why we always look at gambling as a way of entertainment, not a way of making money.